"Pending" Problem when i try to login


When i put my account and try to verify it’s show PENDING - add account’s credentials. I saw some threads here but o any solution. Anybody have some ideas how to make my accounts as VALID?


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me too 13char……

same here…
Impossible to get rid of the pending thing…

Same here!!!


Same Here please if someone from the dev team can have look :sweat:


Same is here…I think it has to do something with latest MP update.

Accounts are logged in via EB but when I try to execute log in via API it’s not possible, started having this issue few hours ago.

code 0 accounts stuck pending :frowning:

same. i mark them as valid and they work. must be a bug.

The issue is now fixed. Please try to verify your accounts again.

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For me continues with this problem

Still having the problem

usually is a proxy problem

No, was a problem from software.


Was fixed,

But still here tho

I have no problem for the moment, contact support.