People don’t receive notification when I follow them

Hello, I have this really annoying problem on my Instagram profile created two days ago where basically the other people don’t receive a notification when I follow them. the problem is that without a push notification is really hard to understand that someone is following you. I have tested this on many of my friend devices and no one get notification when I follow them. I instead receive notification correctly. Could anyone help me with this? I really can’t figure out what is happening.
Thank you

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Are you sure you’re not follow blocked?

Right now I’m not because people receive my request, they just don’t receive the notification but without the notification many people doesn’t even see the request, in Particular people without the private account… for them is nearly impossible to find out that I am following them without the notification…
I created this account 2 days ago and I follow just like 120 people, it would be strange that I’m follow blocked… anyway how can I check?

120 follows in 2 days on a brand new account? You’re definitely follow blocked or ghosted

:scream: So what should I do now? Just wait…? Any remedies?

I think since its a new account to make a new one and to follow maybe 120 the first month.

I hope it helps