People see their friends likes on explorer?

Do you think that if a user that like a for example car accounts and his friend like cars accounts but don’t follow and like your account will he see your account because his friend liked your pics

Is their something like that on the explorer page algorithm ?

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Not sure if I understood well. Is this the situation?
A -> owns cars profile
B -> follower of A. B likes A’s posts
C -> follower of B. C doesn’t know about A

If that’s the case, I think C will in fact see A’s posts on explorer. Because I use to see some posts that were liked by people I follow.

yes that’s what i mean if it’s the case then it’s a huge free traffic instead of focus on bringing more users we just focus on making our follower like always our post and the algorith will do the rest
this little algorithm thing just explain why bringing high targeted follower is important :

1- Because they will always like your post if you have good content and engage with them
2- It will bring their friends from explorer as they will have similar interest and can follow you

but will it be shown to randomfriend who like his post or to friends that likes his post + follow same niched account of yours ?

The content from A will be shown to only C’s that B is interacting most.

Example your best friend likes something on instagram, then the content will show up in your explore page.

Someone you follow, but don’t like his posts that often, or not viewing his/her stories/DM’s. Then the liked posts from this person won’t be featured on your explore page.

Oh ok so it depend on the intensity of the one who like the more someone like your posts the more you gonna figure on the explore page of his friends but what friends (only who like his posts or all of them ?)

This is actually an interesting thoughts. Friends of yours liking something that you’re not really interested in but you would still see it. This is sort of the case on facebook as you can see posts your friends comment on and get tagged in.

However I don’t believe this is the case on Instagram (yet) so I would say, nope.

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Facebook have even a “suggested for you” content that can interest you don’t know if it’s just ads or it’d based on somethin else

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Then, why my girlfriend likes everything related to Friends (TV show), and it’s on my explore page, the same exact pictures/videos, or at least profile (I have never liked or engaged with any of these posts, but they still keep showing up).

This is not the only one case, same applies for one of my best friends. Whenever he likes some content it will show up on my explore page.

You can test it by yourself and your friend - or an account that you keep engaging most.

Yes i think best testing on instagram to discover some new tricks for growth hack rather than well known stuff like f/uf/hahtags/shoutout/mother slave… Is just simplicity

1-Create with your phone a simple account personnal follow some people and see what happens on story,feed,explorer page who you see first why…
This stuff i think will not be known with automation you will discover them manually with a phone

the feed is based upon – think i got the ranking down a little bit

  1. what you liked
  2. what you saved
  3. what your followers liked ( this is where powerlikes come into a big factor)
  4. what is currently hot ( thats why ya see some accounts over and over.

Regarding hashtags I don’t know since I hate em


I think what you’re trying to say is if you add someone with 0 friends and a new account yes you can see all their friends at the friend request tab

Can you please explain more the what is currently hot you mean post that got most likes ?

And for video is it for people who like it or view it and if it’s view does it rank better on the feed if user don’t finish the video ?

Also i saw on a article that when someone log just 1-2 time a day he will see just most engaged post of the day while te one who log 8/9hours get lasts posts on the top true or not ?

Did you mean following ? Because if you use powerlike accounts(big accounts) that can be effective will not follow people so big accounts will not be followers of simple users accounts no ?

trending stuff.

i don’t know honestly. I post few videos.

bull – you will see what you like or engage with the most first.

huh? im confused what ya mean…

Wgen you talk about what follower liked did you mean explorer page or user feed ?