People who belong to a lot of groups - Is that a red flag waving?

Looking from the other side for a moment. I have a small group that is closed and I get 2-3 people a day who want to join. I have noticed that some of these people show on their profile that they belong to say 100+ groups. To me (as a group owner) I reason that no one actually takes a REAL interest in 100+ groups. Let’s be honest we might have say 3-6 groups that we are interested in but 100+ its just not logical or reasonable by any stretch of the imagination.
I suspect these people are just trying to gain access to as many groups as possible so that they can post to them for ‘marketing’ purposes.

I hasten to add that I am no ‘techie’ and I have never desired to use means to manipulate anyone to go to my site by subterfuge for the sake of making a buck. (no offence if you do this for your business)
I am just interested to hear opinions from anyone who has thought about this.

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Maybe they are not interested in 100+ groups, someone added them in those groups

Ah! OK so I am missing the point from what this is all about? This is a Marketing community so I am in effect on the other side of the table looking to not become subject to what the marketeers are doing. I’m probably in the wrong place … LOL
Thanks for your reply - appreciated

I’m in 2456 Facebook groups now can’t even unjoin them coz they just piled up overtime

You can be right. But maybe also not.
If someone is a member on Facebook for 10 years and joins a new group every month then it can become a lot.
I quickly checked, I am a member of more than 60 groups. I also see about 20 invitations to join new groups.


I agree, its definitely a red flag.

I’d rather work with someone who keeps that number managed than not. It’s a personal choice

However, It’s not the end of the world for them though, they can join the email list, fb bot, pixeled for retargeting, etc

Yes, I agree, its definitely a red flag.

When a new user registers on facebook or other social media website. He always joins that group they relevant their interest. But sometimes another group member joins group their unrelevant topics.
A professional person can only join 20 to 30 group for their interest but likes promoter add the single profile to multiple group purpose for promotion and branding. This type of profile comes under the red flag waving.