Permanent Follow Block / What to do?

Hey guys,

I have an account which is on Follow block since 9 may…I really don’t know what to do! I changed proxies. Stopped it for 24. 48. 3 days ! Noting change!

Any help would be much appreciated :wink:


up up up :slight_smile:

Hy @Mimo I am sry for you and your account. From what I ve read those blocks seem to occur because of changes on IG side. There is no real solution yet or a definite reason what causes it. Some people had success stopping all actions and waiting it out. And some of the follow blocks already got lifted. So there is hope. But it seems to be random.


Like @kripke said IG changed something in the last weeks, 8/9 may and some guys like you got follow blocks… We don’t know what it is.

So simple setp’s:

  • Let account rest 3 days check follow blocks (like you did)
  • If persist’s let account rest for 1 week
  • Change device ID and Proxies
  • First day on new proxy do slow actions like human
  • And next week warmup to your last settings

My question is did you buy the account or make it yourself? It seems like nowadays trust factor depends more on creation method than age

Guys, I am exactly facing the same issue as @Mimo. I have 2 account running in MP now for more than 1,5 year and got never this issue before. But since 9th of May my both accounts are blocked in follow function… and now 24th of May this is still now solved. My both accounts were always using my home IP (and a few times my work IP, cause MP tool is installed on my laptop). But never faced this issue before…

Hope some of you have found a solution for this…


I’ve been hit with these blocks, also after may 8th.

Just an assumption here, anyone thinks it might be related also to unfollow settings and not only follow?

Try to put him on a mobile proxy :slight_smile:

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Its not about Proxys, at least for lifting the block.

My clients are blocked from 8th May and their accounts are not on my Jarvee anymore. They are with 0 automation but they are still blocked on their side.

Only follow block ? :s

I actually had a client who reached out to a friend at Insta and they had a tech look into it and this is what the tech said:

I have conducted a deep dive and see signs of possible 3rd party app (3PA) usage to manage, browser or use Instagram. If 3pa gets access to an account it can like/comment/follow for the user without their knowledge. If user is using 3pa I would advise them to deny access to it and to change their password to ensure there are no unauthorized access to the account. That could be the reason why they continue to hit a limit. If any additional action from SIOps is necessary, please feel free to re-tag “spam-triage” and leave the task up for grabs, thanks!

The weird thing, is the tech didn’t see anything wrong - I deleted the client (and all others affected) from my AAS and am hoping that will fix it over time, perhaps being “stopped” is not enough.


I’m in the same case, if I/ my client resolves, I post here

A student of mine recently posted inside our group that his wen’t away after 3 weeks.

He stopped all automation, and removed the account from Jarvee.

From here he would use the account manually ever day, just doing comments and so forth.

Eventually it lifted and he could follow again and has rebuilt up the account slowly warming up automation again.

So if i summarize, you should :slight_smile:

  • Wait for one week without following
  • Change password
  • Remove the account from jarvee
  • Light a candle
  • Pray as hard as you can
  • What else guys ?? :slight_smile:

Finally guys the permanent block disappeared ! God bless you all :slight_smile:

You have broken the guideline of the Instagram, then you have blocked the follow. Note the attention ahead. The guideline should be followed.

Thank you for providing this excessively useful information to all of us.


BOOM the solution to everyones problems :point_left::facepunch:


you need an irony tag :slight_smile:

i get the same block on the 9.5 for 20 days
stop all actions on jarvee
upload post regular and do a bit massage on posts manual from your phone
evry day do only one time test to follow
if you get action block dont continue
and day after try agine
and dont worry time will fix it

Still hilarious months later :joy: