Permantly Ban tiktok

Recently i’ve been ban from posting on tiktok because apparently I violated too many times the CGL (even if there was nothing wrong with my video). So I wanted to know if my account will be permantly ban if I violate an other time the CCG. Because right know I’m too afraid too post I spent too many time on my account to be banned like that for absolutely no reasons.

Can you elaborate more? What kind of videos do you normally post?

trend/funny video, they deleted a duet where I was reacting to a grown man showing his a*s, his video is stil up while mine was deleted thank you tiktok

Maybe yours got reported, and theirs didn’t. That’s pretty common. TikTok can’t detect inappropriate content, unless it gets reported.

his video went viral with like 400k likes it’s so unfaire, do you think I will be shadowban ? and do you think I can be ban permanently if they delete an other time one of my videos

Many users get their videos taken down for violating the guidelines. Shadowbans normally last 14 days. I would suggest waiting that out, and focusing on posting appropriate content from now on.

From what I saw so far on the forum when it comes to these situations, there are many users that had situations where there claim that their content wasn’t really inappropriate, but they had issues because of it. So, as @Nik said, this most probably happens in cases when the content gets reported for some reason, even if some really inappropriate content is still around because nobody reported it.

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