Persona sharring for better reach

Hello there!!!
We have a media facebook page with 300k follower and we sharring every day 1 post.
I thought about the possibility to share the daily publication on 1000 facebook group with 100 persona sharring each one on 10 group .
What do you think about this idea ?
Open for feedback please :slight_smile:

sounds like a plan to me :grin: it will definitely give you a better reach but you will have to set that correctly to avoid issues and blocks from FB side

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Block of the page or the Persona ?

This is actually very hard to do without getting restrictions (ghosted) or your domain banned.

The best method I use is to post to your page like you are doing, then create more FB profiles (join groups etc) but do not post directly to groups but to the profiles news feed (timeline) then from the news feed to 5 groups (You only want about 10 accounts pulling from the main page) the next step is to create more FB profiles but these profiles will pull the post from the profiles that pulling from the main page to their news feed…then more profiles pull the post from them etc etc etc (or until your pc blows up).

You need to ensure the profiles who shares a post to each other are friends and your FB post URL has the profiles indicator, not just the raw permalink

Like this:- http s://

Not :- http s://

Keep building the chain, this is very hard to do in Jarvee and i wish Jarvee had a repost option like IG in the tools menu (100s of campaigns)…

Try not to use the same posts but there is always a risk - so no guarantees!! Fb wants you to spend money on ads…

NB this is just a quick explanation and there other factors to consider, but you should get the idea!

You means block of the page or the profil ?

All - page, profile and domain!

The only way with no risk is via FB ads

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both, keep in mind what jas told you, you need to play it safe to avoid issues and blocks, that is a good strategy.