Personal account - can I see impressions and insights?

Is there any way to see these without having a business account?

no but why you dont want to go biz ? its free and the fact that people sayin that your reach will be lower if you go biz its just a myth and as an advice always test shit by yourself internet nowdays gave the opportunity to everyone to talk and say w.e he wants so yeah i’ve seen people on youtube doing tutorials about hashtag and saying use big ones with all confident

ah and even third party apps where you can find such infos they can’t provide it if your account its not biz or creator so there’s no way

because the risk of getting lower reach outweighs the benefits of seeing your stats. If you dont want to use ads there is no point in going buisness. Ofc just my opinion.

is there a tangible info that goin biz lower your reach on instagram ? for me based on my experience the answer is NO , i’ve tested personel and biz and did not notice any change and as i said this myth its so wild on the internet

i think IG will do this in the future just like for FB pages and people been using groups like crazy because it works and it has organic reach way better but if FB inc do it for IG its like shooting their feet cuz biz want their part of pie but with some choices left on table and i think if they do this there’s no alternative but you have to go for ads which’s not a good marketing strategy for a big company like FB

than thats nice for you. but others report the total opposite. and its not only one there are many. Also guys in this forum reported. ofc it’s hard to proof. but thats why i see a risk there.

And i see it less as a myth but as a recurring statement made by independend people.

Thats why for me personally it’s hard to ignore. And also if there is only a low chance it could happen I would not because: Lowered reach is the worst thing which can happen to an account. Everything else becomes worthless then. Your follower count becomes worthless too.

It has been known that business accounts get a lower reach, a bit everyone has noticed it by switching personal/business.

I would switch to personal straight away, if only the personal acc’ would have a better DM system (with fast replies etc, like business).

do you have some data or personel experience ? cus taking as a fact what everyone’s saying its not a proof nor an interesting fact

for the sake of example , go type how to make money online ( insert here w.r nich you like) you ll see 1 person out of 50 telling you that making money online its not easy and its hard and it takes a lot of time in the other hand the rest will tell you just copy and past my strategy and you ll make 100$/ day

as i said i’ve been using some account as personel for more than 3 months and switched to biz also for more than 3 months and i can say confidently there’s no chance keep in mind the accounts are not big tho less than 5k but yeah i dont think the size matter here

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if you’re serious enough about your biz you gotta test it by yourself bro

Your personal experience is also not a proof for the opposite. He is talking about not only his personal experiences but about the experiences of many members of this forum who have written their opinion in other topics.

There’s no change for you. For many others there is. And one of the reasons you may haven’t seen any change can be exactly the fact that you are under 5k. Who knows.

I am using business.

hahah whats so useful is taking whats been reported by others as fact without puuting your own hand this is so fucking usefull im not here to argue but to learn and share my point of view
peace out man nothing personel against you just to make shit clear :hugs::hugs:

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Gone pretty off topic here guys.
Anyway - it seems there is no way to see impressions and insights if I don’t change to business?

Check this topic : [[CASE STUDY] My Shocking Findings On Business Profile vs Personal Profile 📈]

The member who wrote it is mentioning some tools used for analytics in personal accounts but haven’t test them personally.

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