Personal account - what's the best strategy?

Hello everyone,

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I am a blogger and I am using MP solely to help me automate some activities on my own, personal account (3 years old).

  • 56k followers, 1.5k - 2k likes per pic, post 1 picture daily at the most, some days I don’t, following 500 or so accounts.

I would like to get your input on what strategy is the best for someone like me… I am not pushing any CPA offers, or selling anything, I just want to reach more people who can read my blog and gain a certain level of influence in the industry and possibly get more paid sponsorships from brands.

Should I go for follow/unfollow to get more followers even though my engagement could be affected in the long run? Should I stick with liking and keep it safe for my account even though I won’t be growing that much? A combination of both?

It seems these days it is more common from other bloggers to just go and buy fake likes and followers so they can pretend they’re influential and get the sponsorships. How would you fight this if you were me, not by buying anything, but using Massplanner as an aid?

Thanks - looking forward to all your opinions.

You don’t need followers ,you need engagement.Like your followers content so they notice your posts and like back.Also comment and respond to people commenting on your posts.
You can automate liking/following/unfolowing and keep comments/DM manual.
Don’t go over 500,600 follows and you should be fine.
If you growing organicaly without needing to follow/unfollow i would just use the like tool.Its a personal,aged account crank that bad boy to 1500 likes/day and keep everything else manual.


Thanks Florin!

I am also not sure if more followers is what I need. On the other hand, it seems in my niche, brands sponsoring content are too damn stupid to realize they are sponsoring all the cheaters buying all their followers and likes. That’s what made me wonder if I should just forget about engagement and good, healthy growing and just focus on inflated numbers.

I can easily follow/unfollow 1000 a day, but I will follow your advice. Keep the following/unfollowing very controlled and focus on constant liking my followers’ pics. I only hope in the long run this is for the best and a more honest approach is eventually appreciated by brands.

You don’t really need big brands,especialy since you are growing a personal account.
You need love from your followers,why not build your own brand?Market a product and make it your own,your followers will buy it if they “love” you!

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I agree with @florin22xxl, I’d go for engagement as well with your existing fans. Only automating likes. Other than that, manual would be best to promote engagement for you @MDS

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That’s actually a good idea. The way I go about it is I follow and like only followers of other accounts, but this liking your own followers post seems like it could considerably spike up engagement levels.

I get around 300 likes/post on a 10.7k account. I think it’s a fair amount so I’m going to stick with my way of doing it for a while :smiley: