Personal Brand Problem ( low interaction )

Hi, I use my personal brand to promote myself on instagram. Even though I get sales and can’t complain, my post views, likes and views on reels and stories are very low.
I do not understand why.
I have about 4000k of followers obtained in this way …
About 1k naturally, another 1k was purchased (real profiles but they do not interact), and another 2k from follow / unfollow from competitors.
Two questions :

  1. Would removing ghost followers really help me? There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this forum. From follow/unfollow and buy followers, i have a good amount of ghost.
  2. What can I do to increase the attention on myself?
    I have some good photos that have also been reposted by big profiles. I post reels on average two to three times a week, and I focus on those. I publish at least 4 to 8 stories a day.

I think reels are still the right way to go in terms of reach these days.

Ghost followers aren’t good for your engagement for sure, but maybe your stories don’t make people stick. I’ve also noticed that using specific words like “ad” reduces story reach and posting too many stories with repeating info can lead to a massive drop in views. Especially if its something your followers aren’t genuinely interested in.

Removing ghost followers would be a good start and maybe you should start interacting with other users in your niche by commenting their new posts so they comment back which automatically boosts your engagement organically.

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Good tips, thanks for reply !

Sure remove the ghost followers it’s a good move for me, but the opinion on the web it’s very various.
It is objective that they are not good for me, and that it is more visible since the profile is not very large.

As for the stories, I think you are right. I post a lot about my products, and even though the reels are informative, maybe I should do more in stories.
I’m thinking of putting live, making stories where I give suggestions in my field and I think it can work to increase a bit.

Commenting on other people is a bit difficult, I sell because I use my personal brand for my products, and in my niche it is difficult for pages to comment on each other. That is, we see ourselves as a competitor and therefore this does not happen, at least here. Themed pages on my niche don’t do shoutouts, they sell their products for example. It’s very competitive.

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You should definitely remove all of your ghost followers because they can bring nothing but low engagement to your posts. Also, if you’ve been purchasing some fake followers, your account will probably need much time to recover it’s trust score and to improve your engagement from that point.

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Thanks,I have a very detailed excel with all my ghost followers :grinning:
In the past, buy followers it’s was a very bad move.