Phishing DM: Have they seen what they did with your pics?

I’m sure you’ve all received a DM with a phishing link that will try to steal your account password:

I got curious and tapped the link:

Does anyone know how they were able to include the profile picture? I’m guessing it might be some API call as soon as you tap on the link?

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Yeah there is also another scam hack going around where accounts are pretending to be the IG support team and DM you saying you have a copyright infringement.


It’s not so difficult to make Phishing Pages like these
,all you can do it with a phone that’s it.

I’m just curious how they implemented the profile picture. There’s a lot more useful applications for it rather than hacking.

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Its very simple ! They do this via API. Its not something new . Its actually pretty old .

You can get everything by using fb API.

for facebook i use graph API{user-id}/feed
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If it does fool someone, they kinda deserve it based on how obvious it is

Got some apology DMs, “sorry I was hacked!” - yeah no shit.

I have never received such a DM, but thanks for sharing this! I will be more careful when I open links from DMs.

Man I almost fell for it because the message came from a friend’s DM!!! I clicked on the link but quickly realized that I am a fool.

I got this a couple of months ago - super scary that it’s still happening. I’ll be extra careful when getting links in DM’s now.

nope…there are so many kids on IG these days. i dont think they deserved this…