Phone and laptop suggestion

My android phone is laggy af, even when I type… It’s very cheap, so I’m thinking to buy a new one… I was thinking iPhone because everybody says that they never get laggy, but they are so expensive :confused:

My laptop lags too, I fucking hate Windows 10… I’m thinking of buying a Mac Pro, but also… They are so damn expensive…

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Just switched to iphone from android recently after many years and it was the best upgrade ive made in a while. My galaxy s6 used to lag so bad but the a11 bionic chip in the new iphones are amazingly fast.

Im biased against Macs though I think they are extremely overpriced and would stick with a less expensive windows laptop

You could also consider the google pixel 2 if you dont want to jump aboard the apple ship

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So let me give a little back story…

when they iphone x came out i thought it was a POS and that apple was just FKING us with some BS product… i was ready to switch to samsung or google.

i did research for weeks and weeks and the pixel 2 and Iphone x were the only phones that caught my eye. After playing with both, the iphone x just felt right and after i got mine i was so happy…

the phone truely is amazing, i didnt expect to like any of its features like face id or animoji but i cant live without them now

Iphone x will make you fall in love with your phone again

Just my 2 cents.


iPhone X is like $1k… I think it’s kinda too overpriced. What about getting an iPhone 6 or 7 just to get rid of the lag and save some money? I’m not really into face id or animoji to be honest… Also, I usually get drunk and lose my stuff, so carrying a 1k phone with me wouldn’t be very wise hahaha

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6s/6s Plus would be best price/power variant!
6s specs is like 7/8 iPhone, and the price is so low compared to newer iPhones :slight_smile:

Stay away from apple.


Note 8 > Everything


Agree. I have a 6S Plus and it just works fine. i could afford an iPhoneX but can’t find a good reason to do it.

PS: I also have a Moto G4 and it’s a great Android for a very low budget. Simple. Works fine. Love it.

Mac and and iPhone all the way
the way they work together is phenomenal and I’ve never had a techincal problem with either
But when I broke my old 13" Mac I took it to the apple store and they replaced the screen for free
Worth getting “ripped off” for
another thing on macs is the quality
truly on another level

I like Dell and Asus for laptops, never had an issue with either brands. Macs are cool and nice to look at, but I feel like you’re paying like 30%-40% more just for that. Compare the hardware and decide for yourself. Windows is more universal too.

New Note is a great choice - if it’s too expensive for you pick the NOTE 4.(not the edge version) iPhones are not worth it imo.(X is a great phone - i’d pick note 8 over it though)

Everybody has his own experiences. Bought a MacBook some years ago, 3800 Euro’s. After some years it broke, thanks to a manufacturing problem. After half a year (!!!) Apple decided to repair all laptops having this problem. Last year it broke again, again the same problem, again thanks to the same manufacturing problem. But now it is out of warranty and Apple will do nothing.

I have 2 phones, an iPhone and a cheap Huawei. iPhone needed repair already 2 times, Huawei keeps working without problems.

Here no Apple anymore. For the same price you can buy 2 or more Dell laptops with the same specs, or 5 Huawei phones.

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Guys, what do you think about this Lenovo laptop:

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I’ve been using Macs for 11 years now and never looked back. I’m currently using an Air, which I know isn’t enough for some, but it does everything I need it to do and isn’t too heavy to carry around.

I’ve also been an iPhone user for the last…maybe 8? years. I have a 6S Plus and love it.