Phone call from twitter


Is anyone else having trouble when asking them for a call back to get verification code ?


Me too. I am not sure what to do, their code never arrives. I tried contact them via multiple forms, but things doesn’t changed


I have emailed them with 2 forms, so far had a reply saying change number, but it’s hard to when the only option to use is an old number that doesn’t get the call.
Are you currently waiting for them to reply or have u given up with said account ?


One of my accounts was restored and second one is shadowbanned. I didn’t take any further actions


Same issue. I think the servers are being overloaded since they can’t handle all that verification kinda traffic and it floods. So it’s their fault.


I have same problem bro.

I try to get a call to verify my account but once I click “Call me button” it shows me :
“Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later.”

I tried many times to contact them but only automation replays. But finally I found the way to send the email to them and been 3 weeks since but no one replied.

If you have or found any way to do that please share with us !!