Phone/email verification in embedded browser vs API - device settings etc

What’s the biggest difference between email/phone verification using MP’s embedded browser and using the API?

  1. is device setting captured by instagram when using the embedded browser?

  2. which is a better way for doing email/phone verififcation?
    especially for adding new accounts to MP?

i’m asking because i have a higher-than-usual rate of newly added aged accounts being banned

now i’m resorting to buying older 2013 instagram accounts to see if they work for me. and i’m trying different ways of doing so.
for example. now i’ll first do email verification using the embedded browser.
before after i enter the email code sent by IG successfully, i’ll use the embedded browser to do some liking and unfollowing
i may try that for a few more days before i hit the verify button.

am i being too cautious? now i’m really paranoid after all those 1-3months old accounts fail on me, one after another

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When doing it through EB, it’s like you’re doing it through any other internet browser, so no phone device ID there I think.
But I really doubt this has anything to do with bans you experienced. Something else triggered it.

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