Phone emulator vs. real phone

Can IG detect if you are using an android emulator vs an actual phone?

The reason I asked is because I noticed that IG blocked me from making new accs on the emulator (memu, blustack), even after i reset imei number, change ip, and reinstall the emulator. So i must be giving off some sort of fingerprints. However, I am wondering if this can void this by using real phones instead. If so, what’s the difference?

maybe those apps are leaving traces that lead to your account. Also, when you account is on an emulator app, be sure to log out from other devices.

not the case here since i am just trying make new accs, there isn’t any fingerprints on the ig accs themselves.

In most cases real devices will be also flagged after few Accounts creation. Because IG will remember your device as a spam. What tasks you want to perform?

is it then possible to factory reset your phone to remove IG’s tracking on your device?

No I think. It will not make major difference on IG side. Because I am sure IG is using those things which are not changeable after factory reset to identify the device.

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Emulators are detected easily.
You can try on real phones. I am doing this for the last 6 months and It’s working for me.
No blocks, no checkpoints. Scaling is a problem so I use JV for some part of it

I hope you test safetynet
not using uiautomayor

always use real phones or apps that simulate web creation to avoid all kind of issue, you can try Jarvee they have a good tool to create accounts easily from the EB that you can even watch working.