Phone number for rediffmail

Hi guys. I noticed when I edit rediff email (to prevent my IG accounts hacked back) there are phone number attached. Is it ok to edit many rediff email to attach one same number?

Also I have a question… When you create rediffmail do you use real phone number or just fake number or virtual number? Will you have problem if you create rediffmail using fake phone numbers ?


To be honest I never tried this, but here’s what I would do:

I will check 10 emails and see if they have the same number attached, if yes: then it’s probably okay to do so. if not: then the seller wasn’t able to attach the same number in all accounts so there’s either a limitation on how many emails you have attached to the same number or those emails gets banned if you used the same number in a lot of emails.

That depends if that email accounts provider sometimes ask you to verify your identity using that phone number or not.

I tried this and I think the limit is 3, or atleast they wouldnt let me add the same number to the 4th account but that could be because I changed them back-to-back-to-back.

You can use virtual numbers so just make a bunch of textnow/talkatone/googlevoice accounts save and record the details and switch them.