Phone number no proxy (5 accounts)

Just wanted to share something I’ve observed. I’m able to run 5 accounts without a proxy just by associating a phone number with each account. The first account is a main account and the last 4 are slaves following 150-200 per day and liking 200-300 per day. The main account likes 400-500

What do you mean by associating a phonenumber? You mean they are PVA accounts with all different numbers?

Edit: It’s well known that residential home IP’s can do more than any proxy.

Yeah, all different numbers.

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How young is the youngest account?

The youngest is a day old and the oldest slave is a few weeks old.

from what i’m reading a lot has to do with your home IP being super clean.

I’ve actually had like 3 accounts banned from home (all accounts without associated number), so I don’t think that’s necessarily the case

Also for consideration, I was not successful with a residential proxy (IG did NOT like that). At all.

so what’s the proper reason from your situation allowing you to not hit any blocks?

I think because IG simply trusts accounts more that have a phone number, coupled with non-aggressive settings

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Well i dont think that’s entirely true since when you get a PV you’re coupling it to a phone number. Unless you say you give it a real (non pva service) number from the start and keep it in there and in the future will use to PV it with again?

I gave the accounts real numbers and will use those number if I need to phone verify.

Did you use the same phone number for each account?

Accounts 1 and 2 share a number. Accounts 3,4, and 5 have different numbers

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I have one number on like 150+ accounts, before didn’t have problems, but now when more of them get’s verifications at the same time, I can only verify like 2 accounts with phone, and the rest I need to verify with e-mail

Yeah, same situation for me (only being able to verify a few accounts with same number)