Phone verification anytime changing url link

I just noticed when I change my url link in my bio i get instantly hit with the phone verification. Anybody else notice this?

Usually this happens. It depends on the quality of the domain. If its a cheap domain ending in .xyz .bid .party or any of the other cheap ones they usually have a bad reputation which triggers phone verification.

Also, if you add links which are connected to a CPA, or affiliate offer without the use if a landing page you will also receive phone verification right away.

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i have legit domains i bought, all dot coms. i then create a landing page using leadpages, i then paste that link into and grab that link and use it, still getting reset

sometimes i will just use my domain name and a pretty link (plugin) to make it look better then send them to a landing page so ig has no clue about any affilliate stuff going on. i do also use the pretty link to redirect to just a cpa offer and i found both ways get instant phone verif.

My best guess is that is causing the problem. Maybe someone else can chime in.

If you are using shortening you URLs use the google version as it seems to be more accepted on Instagram.

this is definitely the problem. Don’t use url shortners on instagram it will get you in trouble fast, because most spammers do the same, no normal user would do this…

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yes but if you buy a domain, then use that domain in the url, then get that account suspended, all other accounts with that domain name in the link get shutdown too. had it happened to about 40 accounts in one day a few months ago and about 10 accounts 4 weeks ago, so i stopped doing that. i dont want to buy a new domain for each account, that seems ridiculous but may be the only safe way to go. with private proxies and buying domains, having a big email list, i seem to be spending a little more than i make, anybody killing it on Insta doing this?

Of course, you should never use the same domain on 2 or more instagram account. Always 1 domain per account, this is a dead giveaway. Using or any other shortner won’t help either as they see behind that and always know the exact domain that is there.

Here is a solution for this, there are others as well.

Yes, I did read that and am testing it. Can you only have one google + page per gmail account, also can the person looking at your google + page see what you gmail address is? If i am selling a womens weight loss product i dont want someone to see my gmail address that is like (

You can have as many pages as you want, and it think the email will not show on the page unless you set it to be visible

You’ll be creating business page and not personal page. Personal i think can only have one, but you can create almost unlimited bis page.

Each bis page can have collection, and in each collection can have unlimited post.

bitly itself is the problem for newish accounts. even if you redir to

i burned almost 10 accs to test the “theory” behind early stages PV

i created a page, not sure how to create a business page, i dont see that option. please advise.

Every new page you create is supposedly a bis page automatically i presumed. It is quite tough to navigate on the admin side of plus which annoys me.

But you don’t need a ton of pages for start anyway.

i can see how to make new posts, i dont see how to make new pages, i just logged into google + for the first time 3 days ago.

google is your best friend.

Check this link

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