PHone verification but no text

Hi Guys,

Currently i’m having a problem with 4 of my IG accounts.
I get the phone verification message so i log in on my rooted phone and change android id and use icognito browser.
Then i go to instagram i try to log in.
I get the Phone verification message with my number allready filled in.
But i don’t get the text! I doesn’t mather even if i click the link 10 times. I don’t get the text.
I even left the account be for 14 hours and tried it again on the phone of a friend but still no text.
Are more people having this problem?

i had experienced same problem as yours, i assume it because you use same number on more than 1 account to verify

in my experience the solution is simple, just change the number and verify it using the new number

hope it helps

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It worked! :slight_smile: Thank you! I got the text. Now wait a few hours before log-in to see if the account isn’t banned :smiley:

Cool, pls keep us updated. Good luck

I will let you guys know :wink:

The account was valid after PV :slight_smile: So great solution!