Phone Verification IG Question!

Hello! Quick question.

Earlier I was messaging people in direct messages. I presume I must have been going too fast and I got a notification to confirm my phone number. They sent me a code to my phone # and I was able to login with no issue. As well as they did not require me to change my password. Normally in the past, I would get action blocks immediately after I got the account compromised message. and request for password changes. But this prompt was different as I was able to log in instantly after I got the code. The question I have though Is should I wait to make any posts? I do not want my account to be action blocked. Does this phone verification popup ever lead to action blocks? As soon as I got the message I stopped all actions, and the action that triggered the PV popup in the first place. I plan on possibly posting tonight which is a different action than what triggered the popup after I got the message. Should I just wait and treat this as a soft block and let the account sit for 24 hours instead. Or would I be okay to just make the posts tonight?

Thanks! Any help or past experience is needed

If you did not get the ‘please wait for a few minutes before trying again’ message, then you don’t necessarily need to wait for 24hrs… what’s best is to make sure to lower the number of actions that you are doing (try to do 1 DM per hour and have a limit of 15 - 20 DMs in a day for now)…

I would highly recommend waiting 24-48 hours before doing any other action.

I would suggest you stop sending DM for at least 24 hours just to be safe. When you start DMing people again, don’t send too many DMs within a short period of time. There’s no need to wait that long for posting.

give the account few days rest first then make sure to use a great spin syntax and don’t dm quickly better to be safe then sorry, 20 dm a day and constantly getting good results is way more better then 50 and having verifications and blocks.