Phone verification IG

Hello guys,

Some solution for phone verification? Because i see a lot of scared people using smspva, etc…


The best option is buy sim card and have one number for each account :slight_smile:

Btw, you have this kind of questions on the forum already, you can find an answer through search box :slight_smile:


@nanoxsub Here is what I like to do:

Only create Instagram accounts with my personal email and phone number. That way if I ever get hacked I know that the Facebook and Instagram moderation team will take crae of my needs with no worries.

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I think the correct phrase is “alot of people are scared of using smspva”. Well yes and no, it’s not scared or not, but the ban rate when using smspva and such is very high so we avoid using them if we can.


i think it’s depend on account quality and proxies quality if boths are good you can use russian/chinese numbers.

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