Phone Verification in South America

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Well I continue trying to learn some Instagram Marketing… I have 5 accounts and planning to scale if everything goes right… Yesterday I had the first Death of one of my accounts :smiley: … Again, bad news, the other 4 survived… I really don’t know what happen, because I did not any aggressive actions… I was only liking, between 20 and 50 per day… Just for warming up, I have uploaded some photos but not more than 5 per day (during 3 or 4 days) Anyway, when I got banned with that account, I start reposting and following with the other 4 I have… and they are safe until now. The good news is that I have been using them for 1 week and nothing happen (only one ban lol) but that’s for me is a victory… Usually accounts don’t live more than 3 days with me.

I tried to do a Phone Verification to that account, the one banned. I have bought some SimCards here in Argentina where I live. But, when I entered the number, IG told me that “please enter a different number” I don’t know why… maybe as the proxies are from USA they don’t permit an Argentinian number… don’t know really.

If this is correct, then I would need; or USA SimCards, or Argentinian Proxies (I have no clue if that even exists lol) If I get USA SimCards; my questions would be: Do you already know a good Amazon provider? (It must be amazon because its the only way of getting something from outside, Argentina is very limited to export and import things) Also, Would I need an speciphic mobile device to run these SimCards?



Some people around the forum will tell you that the location doesn’t matter, that the quality of the proxy matters more.

I can confirm, you need the IP to be reasonably close to you for PV, or the unique ID needs to be the same. Find a good proxy provider that has proxies in Argentina. I have a few clients there and they have zero problems with PV.

Search for “proxy providers” on the forum and you’ll find no shortage of suppliers.

Thanks for your response William :slight_smile: I love your movie :sweat_smile:

I read the list of proxy providers in the forum but I couldn’t find any proxies located in Argentina. Do you know a provider who does?

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What is your price range?

I am actually paying around $15 for 5 Instagram Proxies on HighProxies… Why?

I will say, they have gone down quite a bit in quality and service in the last few months. I haven’t had an issue with the proxies themselves, just service. However others are reporting both.

Contact these guys, see if they have them in Argentina. The one’s I use I don’t share to everyone, and are a bit out of range for most people.

These guys have been good so far, have lots of locations, but I can’t remember if they have them in Argentina or not. However a good IG proxy for $2.35 is a good deal.

You can use the coupon code below for 10% off monthly recurring.


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I will ask them right now!! Thank you very much for your help! :smiley:

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I know a provider that has proxies located in Chile (near to Argentina) Do you think it would work? Or it has to be in the same Country so the PV can work? (My SimCards are Argentinian)

No problem, honestly, go through the list brandonberner provided and send them all a ticket, you’d be surprised at what locations open up.

Lime Proxies also has them, but only in Brazil…

They are expensive but you can use coupon code VPN1 for 10% off.

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Yes, I will start sending tickets :slight_smile: I checked lime proxies but I only saw locations in Germany and US… I just thought that maybe it will be easier to find a USA Phone Verification service or something like that lol


Weird, this is the list they gave me:

Austria (17)
Australia (964)
Belgium (22)
Brazil (64)
Canada (134)
Germany (1552)
Denmark (66)
Spain (120)
France (59)
United Kingdom (2352)
Ireland (44)
India (50)
Italy (88)
Japan (849)
Korea (10)
Netherland (101)
Norway (44)
Poland (50)
Portugal ( Portuguese Republic)
Singapore (10)
United States of America (14650)
South Africa (64)

EDIT: You were not looking at the IG proxies, just regular private I assume.

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wow… quite a list… I will send them a particular message asking.

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Do you think Brazilian Proxies will work for me?

Of course they will work, but it’s best to be as close as possible to you. Keep searching, if you find them, add them to that list so that others can benefit!

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I will find them!!! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks sensei :slight_smile:

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Do you still believe that IP and PV locations need to be relatively close?

Personally? Yes.

You can look at it a few ways. I like having the IP close as possible for two reasons, one, the lag time is reduced from my VPS to the proxy.

If the proxy is close enough to my client, then they can use the IP without lag/much lag so they can log in and look more natural.

For logging in and posting I think its safer to have your IP closer to where you are posting from. All else fails you can say you were using a proxy for “privacy” and it must have gotten your account hacked.


Clearly you CAN verify from another country, but in the case of account recovery I like to keep things as close to each other as possible.

Gotcha thanks. All of my proxies are from france and I’ve been using USA numbers since the beginning and I would get hit with the sorry use a different number every once in awhile. Now, every time i use 4-5 numbers I will get that message. So I bought some UK sims from the vendor on here and im going to see how that works out.

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That also leads me to think that maybe IG is now placing temp blocks on numbers used too quickly from the same source.

I guess I should be a bit more clear as to why.

I run peoples IG’s as well as my own, so in order to whitelist both devices, I have THEM verify on their phone. I realize that the shortcode doesn’t care where it gets sent, but for my purposes, its better to have it in my setup.

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