Phone verification issue


I recently ordered 50 sims on eBay from UK to Hungary.
(Hungarian sims are no-go)

All Vodafone pay as you go 1.

I was told I don’t have to top-up the cards, just activate them and it’s ready for PV…
Well I spoke to Vodafone Uk, They assured me, that they have the so called “preactivation bar” off so within couple hours I’ll be ready to receive calls and texts.

Not so much----

2 days ago, i top-uped 2 of the sims with 5£ each. So i was able to send messages and make calls, BUT Still couldn’t receive non of them…

I didn’t understand…so i got on the line with Vodafone UK again.
I was told again that it sould be ok within a couple hours.

Needless to say, I am not able to receive anything with a top-uped active card…

What could be the problem??
Any suggestion?
If not Vodafone which provider do you guys use.

I need sim cards desperately.

Thanks in advance!

How much are you paying for them? Why are Hungarian SIMs a no go? I live in Vienna Austria and have used some of these sim’s and they work great.

You can also use virtual SIM cards if your into that, here is a link:

I used Lebara UK in Italy with no issues. No need to top them up to activate them. Not sure if this has changed but until a few months ago it was like this.

For me EE and Three are the only two options that are working without a hitch.

Hungarian service providers are forced to collect real personal data AND you have to verify yourself once in every year… It’s a Joke… a very bad one.

I can only recommend Three and EE.
But I guess these roaming issues do depend on the sate you are located in…
Good Luck to Everyone! Stay Ruthless!!! :smiley: