Phone verification loop

I’m really tired of this guys. I bought 4g proxy but i didnt work. Why is this happening?

I add this accs 2-3 days ago and look at the pv numbers.

does this happen to you everyday?
I used dc proxies and 8 out of my 15 100k+ accounts got PV every 7-10AM est.
it happened since 1 august until yesterday.
so frustrating.
After the pv loop stops, I’ll just put the accounts on phone and do things manually


rest until pv stop only start action

Using 4g proxies, so far have got only one PV. Mainly because of multiple accounts running at the same time and doing too many actions.

Definitely let accounts rest and start slowly.
Btw, would you mind sharing settings?

If you overload the accounts on 4g that will cause mostly the PVs. Run fewer accounts and see. There are a lot factors to take in consideration such as quality of accounts, warm-up phase, trust score etc.

Yeah everyday i woke up with this :smiley:

Probably the proxy is overused. I give the proxy back for now.

in 3-4 days here is my total actions.

i just use 8 accs. And my accs not doing actions at the same time

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You need to rotate them with nightmode so they won’t be active all 8 at the same time


Have you add all your profiles at once or one by one?

one by one all settings different

they are not doing actions at the same time :frowning:

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It doesn’t matter, use night mode

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I think if you transition to quality 4g proxies, it should help out a lot.
I moved to 4g mobile about 2 months ago

i feel like if manage 5accs on a 4g proxy, when one get hit pv, will affect other hit pv as well

Does it makes a difference to use night mode compared to set every action a time limit when they are able to operate?

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