Phone verification on an old number

So I purchased scrapers account which came with an old number that probably used to create the accounts.
As soon as I verified the accounts on JV I used the “Remove Phone Number” feature and right after that, I put a new phone AND email inside the accounts AND VERIFIED both of them in order to make sure I did everything I could.

Is there any reason that when I get PV I still get to send code to the OLD number!?
And more than that - I MUST DO A PV and don’t have any other option… like the number and email I entered not recognized and countered…
Why is that happening? Am I missing something?

yes, sometimes IG forces you to do that, but what you should have done is remove the phone number and enter just the email without any other phone number

Hey @Luca :slight_smile:
Can you explain me the logic behind it?
Because if I remove the number and don’t put new one, and then put an email - What prevents IG from keep giving me PV with the old number?

To further state, they do that as a measure against exactly what you are doing. Old phone numbers are tracked as part of the account’s history, just as old email addresses are as well. If they have reason to believe an account is pushing spam or was “compromised,” they will do this.

Doesn’t matter that you put a new number/email address on there. The old one is still in the account’s history, and they can choose to make you verify with either at any time.