Phone Verification right after Email Verification

My account got hit by PV right after EV, I have an assumption of why but just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on this.

My process was like this:

  1. I load account up on J on mobile proxy (Thailand) and got prompted by email verification
  2. I go into email account to get verification code without VPN (home IP in Australia)
  3. Instagram account got PV’d right after email verified

My guess is when I opened the EV email and loaded the images in the email, it sends data to Instagram revealing my home IP which leads to the discrepancy in location between proxy?

Would this “kill” the trust score which will lead to more PVs to come for the account?

Was it on a newly created account?
This happened to me once when I created a new account and connected it after a while (10+ days).

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It’s not uncommon to get an EV/PV right after you add a new account to J

Yeah, your trust score would have taken a hit, but I suppose its better to get hit at the start and work your way back from it.

I think this is related to the trust score of the acc

This is exactly what it is - new account, left it inactive for awhile and loaded it up.
Is it better to get active with an account right after its creation?

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I have only had it when using someone else’s accounts. My own self made HQ accounts NEVER asked for EV or PV eventhough location was different. (upon add in J)

I cant understand why people wouldnt just load it up already. Or even why people rest it for some time. The fuck is that necessairy for? Never done, never had anything bad happen. Of course you cant do all type of actions on day 1 but that’s something else. Aging by doing no actions at all is just waste of time and money

Also, people, stop buying accounts if you want to test or are stuck with blocks. What do you expect? Testresults from some thirdworld country accounts made on IPV6 proxies or whatever?

Edit: The only time i got accounts banned was by buying them and NOT preparing them through the app’s api first. Without doing that you’re just waiting for a ban.


Yes, do alot of manual actions for around a week and you should be fine after!

This includes, follows, likes, comments, story views. Also try and use as many features of instagram and stories as you can! The algorithm loves that.


Alright will do! Reason is because I am just starting out so I only have the licence for 10 accs, thought it’d be a good idea to have a few extras sitting around. Guess I’ll have to start warming them up early, thanks for this guys!

Its always good to use more accounts than you need for practice! Have some burners that you don’t mind getting banned on separate proxies if you can afford it.

Yes now I do it, you loose lot of times when you don’t have burners accounts

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If by burners you mean bought accounts no matter how ‘high quality’ you’ll never know if it’s a proxy issue

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I have this problem on accounts and not problem on other accounts so I don’t think this “kill” the trust score but try to log to your email account with the same proxy and see the result to be sure !

by burners I mean the same type of accounts but on separate proxies

Still though. Bought accounts have always been burners in the end. Meaning they’ll get banned. Unless freshly made, decent proxy and some actually IG api’s they tend to get banned in a while (unless of course they are used on actually phones and not just j)

I use burners accounts for test and if they get banned I test with other burner account until to have good method for good accounts