Phone Verification - Security Code Not Sending

Is anyone having this issue where it is asking for Phone Verification but when you enter your number it is not sending the security code?

it could be because the phone number is attached to another account.

This happens when you use the same number too many times or too many accounts.

This also just occurs with IG for no reason. Are you using the same number as attached to the account? A real SIM? SMSPVA? Or another service?

Which phone provider are you using? Sometimes it could be the network that is the issue.

i have this problem, real sim for each account

You can use max 2-3 accounts per number, but i would recommend only 1 account per number cause you could get asked for phone validation again when you use it for more then 1 account

I would try pressing the send code button a few times almost spamming it and see if it sends. Sometimes it does that for me with the email code and I have to repeat pressing the send code button till it sends. Just be careful you can do it too much and have to wait 24 hours to do it again.

Thanks guys. Overused my phone number for sure. Got a few extras SIMs and they are woking fine!

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Also happened to me, yup it is because you used the same number too often…