Phone verification services

Aren’t their numbers been used thousands of times so your accounts will be flagged the next second as potential spammers?

i use this one, Dual sim cardm, cheap & its battery last for 5days

Smspva is known by instagram by now. Using them will definitely lower your trust score imo

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Almost all services for phone verification use the numbers more than once. Not thousands of times, but more than once can already be dangerous.

I usually use own sim cards. In the past I used 1 sim card to verify more than 1 account. My experience is that if 1 account got problems the other accounts that were verified with the same number also got problems. PV’s and worse.

If you care about your accounts you can buy sim cards. I believe there are some sellers on this forum. Another option is to use a service that gives you a dedicated number that you can use again and again for a fee. Services like smspva are only good for accounts you are not afraid to lose.

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