Phone verification services

Hey just wondered what you guys use for phone verification and codes etc?

I am slowly get fed up with manual sim swapping

I’ve been using speedyverify and I have no complaints. Good luck!

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Wow there abit pricey, but I suppose there worth it ?

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getsmscode it’s good for PVA sms… and it’s cheap if you use one time verification… but I suggest to remove the phone nr from social account after verification to avoid phone verification captcha with the same number is best on the market.

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Can u use any country or does it have to be a certain one ? Also can I use virtual?

Thanks mate

you can use any country. You can visit your website :slight_smile: if you need help ask me


Do u rent number for month to month?

I don’t work with them. They also rent phone numbers montlhy

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Oh sorry what I ment was for accounts is it better to rent the number so no one else can use ?

Yeah certainly worth it for me. Someone else is managing my real sims on my behalf :slight_smile:

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I use Not getting any problems. Be careful though as your account can get logged out and only verified with the one number registered. I lost a few accounts after posting about 6 pics in the space of 16 minutes.

Out of curiosity how much do u pay for each pv ? Is it a friend or virtual assistant?

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Do u rent sims and pay per month?

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It starts at $1 per pv. And sims you buy without rent. The cost for sims and PVs come down as you buy larger amounts of credits

Can you purchase a number to use monthly?

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You can verify as often as you need to with your same number

if you want your account to survive and last for longest time then you need real sims cards, if your accoutns for churn and burn then you can use any service like smspva, getsmscode pvacode…etc


Yeah definitely for higher value accounts. It’s just not worth the risk with numbers that are possibly shared with who knows who else and what they’re doing with that number.

is there any phone u can recommend to use for this ? i have an old nokia and turning it off and on and off etc just sometimes take ages :rofl: