Phone verified after immediate phone verification - what more should I expect down the road?

First time trying massproxy, I got immediate phone verification from IG, FB for the first 3 out of 15 proxies.
I’ve used IG proxies from highproxies and most of theirs didn’t trigger any immediate PV…

I managed to phone verify them(massproxy) using hidemynumbers
Please let me know if these immediate PV requests indicate more hassles down the road - ID verifications, restrictions, bans etc…
If so, it’d be a waste of time to PV in the first place…
Would you recommend requesting replacements before going through the PV hassle for the rest of the proxies or just not using their proxies at all? …

Many Thanks in advance!

As their ex customer, I would suggest you to stay away from massproxy. Every single account that I’ve used on their proxies got banned.

Don’t ask for replacement, you’ll get bad proxies again, just change your proxy provider.

I know, we all try to save some $$ sometimes by trying cheaper services, but in the end, it costs us more.


Thanks so much Adnan!
You saved me a lot of time and hassle down the road… luckily they gave me a refund.
:joy: :relaxed:

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Thanks for this! Who do you recommend Adnan?

I’m using Highproxies with my own sims since I can get them pretty cheap here. So that’s what I would recommend, Highproxies and real sim cards.

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Thanks for the quick reply! :kissing_heart: Are you using their IG proxies or just the regular private proxies? Also curious how much you paying for those sims? Are you based in Europe?

If you want to use Highproxies, then you need to get their Instagram proxies. Their regular proxies do not work for IG.

Yes, I’m in Europe, Bosnia.

Sims are pretty cheap, I won’t say the price, I’m ashamed :smiley:

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Hi Adnan,
I created an IG account using highproxy IG proxy yesterday and today added a link and only did 30 likes 5 follows using MP this morning (slow speed suggested by MP) and got hit with PV shortly. After verifying with hidemynumbers it got disabled.
I have just one IG account that has the same url in bio url section.

Any suggestions what I can do to prevent this?..
would it a problem with adding url or hidemynumbers?..

Ive have 4-5 IG accs with a same domain but no ban or PV so far…
and a couple days ago I verified 2-3 new IG accounts using hidemynumbers and no ban afterwards…

Im confused and wondering if going through all these hassles would be worth it as I’m pretty new to MP, CPA, IM…
Please advise…

Many Thanks in advance!

is it still valid until now?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

If you ask is this still happening, I can’t know, I haven’t used them since then.

I mean massproxy is still not recommended? Because yesterday I have plan for buy proxy on massproxy.

On some of my IG accounts I’m constantly having to verify the account with my phone. Is it because I’m trying to have it do too much too fast? I’m also having the same problem on Twitter accounts

How old are the accs ?
Did you change any liking, following settings on those accs before getting PV ?
What kind of domain you have on BIO ?

most are fairly new, 3 to 5 months old probably.

No i didn’t do any changes on those accs before getting PV

All are bitly links to either referral pages or bitly links to my landing page here