Phone verify (Getsmscode/smspva/etc..) bug in new J


To those who sometimes encounter phone verifications, i’m sure you noticed that you can no longer automatically phone verify your ig accs by going to social profiles and selecting the accs then clicking on phone verify accounts, this happened mainly because (i think) ig changed the sms they were sending before , (they changed the Name of the sender, it was instagram, now it’s Facebook) i think this is what makes the bot fail to do it automatically now, because when you do it manually, it works as usual, so this problem is a 100% coming from the bot , this needs to be fixed because if it’s not fixed, the bot is just gonna spend your getsmscode/smspva balance and not verify the accounts, I hope they can fix this in the next update, cheers!

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i am seeing this fb notification instead of ig one or two month ago.nothing new

well something changed now, and J doesn’t do the verification by itself, you can try and see :wink: