Photo courtesy of @?

How do accounts get photos of other accounts and tag photo courtesy of such and such?

Do they ask the person who owns the picture or do they just use it and tag the owner as courtesy with out asking?


Some people ask the owner, others just do it and tag them without their permission, the easiest way to crowd source pics is use a unique hashtag and tell your followers to use it for a chance to be featured, by doing this you’ll get 100’s of pics and they’re essentially giving you permission to use it with the hashtag


Aahhhh got ya!


Tagging pic owner can easily be a double-edged sword.

When you tag them, they will surely see your post and two things can happen:
They can consider it as a promotion and be happy about it.
They can consider it as stealing their content and report you.

Choose carefully whose posts you’re going to repost and tag. If the account is a lot more bigger than yours, avoid them, they will probably consider it as stealing their content. Or at least avoid tagging them :smiley: there’s less chance they’ll see your post at all.


Yeah, I’ve been on both sides. One account got so mad at me and claimed I manipulated the photo and that the photographer was going to press charges or something equally stupid. I deleted that one pretty quickly.

Although now, for the most part, people are excited to get featured… even by my tiny 5k account. Free promotion for them = popular.


So, most are satisfied when you promote them? :smiley:

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As they should be!

Also, considering it’s Instagram, I think (not entirely sure) but according to the TOS they own the rights to use your content, so I don’t even know if it’s “stealing.” Might even allow free use by anyone else on the platform, and it probably only applies if you’re using a copyright/trademark brand symbol, in which case you can file a DMCA takedown or something.


I got this …)

It happened to you that someone reported you?

I can’t be sure for the 100%, but i lost 4 or 6 accounts in the same niche after i’ve started to mention users (credit them)

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That’s what I’ve been talking about, it can be dangerous :slight_smile:
It’s one thing when 100K account repost someone’s content, they fell honored, and completely another thing when small account does it…

It’s life :slight_smile: bigger ones are always privileged.


I think so, bigger account can’t have time to check every account who repost their content. :smile:

Hahaha… Like… “Who you are just have 1K followers and repost my super duper great content, it’s so low and disgusting”

My accs had around 100k-150k followers. Not is disabled)
That why i guess - the best way not to mention users.

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We have time😁

Just tag the owner and post it - once the owner notices it, they’ll occasionally leave a ‘Aww, thank you’ comment below !

Easy as that.

Or they’ll say: I’m reporting you because you stole my content :stuck_out_tongue:

Never experienced that on one of my accounts - who would already complain about free shoutouts :smiley:

Bigger accounts :slight_smile:


I am always asking other people for their content. And also I have accounts where I have written: “If you want to get featured on this gallery, inbox us”.

That way I am getting a lot of content from others. And of course, when I started the account and had less than 1,000 followers, I got hardly messages. But now, everyday I am getting a bunch of pics (some are shitty, but anyway, I dont post them)…

Disadvantages of this approach are definitely that you are getting sometimes no reply or a NO and of course, it is time-consuming. Still, I dont wanna risk a complaint due to copyright infringement.