Photo flag leads to ghost ban?

Hi, i was always a lurker here until yesterday my photo was flagged and thus made me decide to join and ask question. I’ve been in some of the top spots in hashtags and when I check, all my photos are gone right now.

Can anyone help me what I should do?
Should i continue with regular autoposting with mp?
I’ve been using the same hashtags set and same caption for awhile now. Is it better to spin them?

I’m st lost on what i should do. Some people tell me that i should continue posting without hashtags.

My suggestion would be to stop posting for a day or two. Then when you start posting, don’t use any hashtags and use spyntax in your caption. After couple of days start using hashtags again, but still use spyntax. Same caption every time is easily detectable and might be considered as spam.


Yes, Instagram does not like it when you use the same captions over and over again, so please use spintax on them. There are lots of topics in the forum about spintax, just use the Search function.

As for hashtags, you can add them as 1st comment on your post, just use the [COMMENT] token and either add the hashtags or use dynamic hashtags in Campaign Advanced Settings < Instagram tab. You can use the token in Signature or post caption and all words added after the said token will be used as 1st comment on the post


I’m trying what you said and will only post without hasthags after 2-3 days. Thank you very much, i didnt know about that.

Thank you very much! Is it important to spin hashtags too?

Yes, it would be good if you spin hashtags too, this is exactly what the Dynamic hashtags option does. You may want to check out this topic

Any news on this @Mrdavid? Do you see any improvement?