Photo ID Verification Trick

Hey guys, I have gotten the Instagram in-app photo verification about 10 times, and every time I have beaten I because I was lazy.

So, instead of actually doing it. I just left it on jarvee for a few days and come back and it’s back to normal. Sometimes it’s 1-3 days while another was a week.

It may not work for everyone. But for me it’s working 100%. Just depends on how bad you want the account back!

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Thank you for sharing this information. So letting the account rest with no actions does the magic. Hope others can try this one and see if it works for them.

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Did you just leave it on whatever status it shows, or did you completely switch the account off in Jarvee first?

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I just left it as the status it was. Usually its phone verification I find.

Good to know. So after a couple of days, it goes to phone verification?

Yeah, I noticed the same thing on some of my accounts, They were asking for photo verification, and after few days they need only captcha verification and now the accounts are valid.

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I didn’t even need captcha validation lol. Just went back to normal after a few days.

Captcha usually means death in most cases. (On my accounts).

Death by Captcha :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yep lol. Used to freak my Girlfriend out when I said things like. ‘Another Died’, ‘So many deaths’ etc lol. Now she understands haha.


nice one thanks for the share, the same happens to me but with email verification account, that’s is weird but it does work.

Anybody know if this “face ID verification” its a sobstution of other verification or just a “higher” lever of warning from ig?

On my account it happens first time 2 weeks ago, and now yesterday too, for the first time

Its a better verification imo. Its fixable, unlike captcha which can mean trouble

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If its only a verification as the other its more easy than capcha or PN, then good.
I was thinking was the last step to having a ban

Nah you can usually leave it for a few days and it will go away

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