PHOTO & VIDEO IN SAME POST | Any idea on how?

Hey everyone,
was wondering if you knew a workaround on adding 1 video, and 2 photos to a single post.

I tried by the traditional methods but nothing seems to be allowing me to add both a photo and a video to the same post.

Looks like the link above is still able to, but not really sure as to how.

well it is possible to do in instagram, dont know about facebook tho

Well… if you want to add PHOTO+VIDEO in the same post, you will need to do that with your Phone, you can’t do that via PC. First open FB Page you want to post, and first upload a video on your post then images, you will need to do like this:

You don’t click on Photo/Video —Scroll down and you will find Camera.

Then when you click on Camera you will see like this:

Then click here and you will prompt with all your images and videos, first upload Video then Images.

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Yea tried that, I guess I should mention it was specifically for business pages and not personal ones.