Photography Fashion/Portrait Engagement Group

Hi, I’d like to create a DM group for engagement on Instagram.
Niche: Fashion Photography / Portrait Photography / Film Photography

The rules will be:

  • Follow between all the members (the idea is creating different little groups, max 50 members for example and not huge groups)
  • No use of words that could make Instagram track us like “New post, like and comment” but just send an emoji in the group when you post a new picture.
  • Members click on your profile and go interact with the last post.
  • Interact with the picture asap (usually is better within the first 60 minutes)
  • Cover up all posts before posting.

If you think it’s a good idea send me a DM
If not I accept any advice!

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How about a pod outside instagram or facebook like telegram?

Its also an idea

Hi… I don’t have a huge personal experience from telegram groups, I’ve only tried a group for 2-3 weeks and I got twice in this period comment-blocked! And it was the first time in my account’s life that I was comment-blocked. So I left the telegram group, I don’t think that was a coincidence.

Since June I use Dm groups and it’s working so far absolutely and that’s what I personally can recommend.

That’s my 2 Cents. Good luck, unfortunately I am not in this niche.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

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Add me to your telegram @arinzen

Hello! I’d like to join your Engagement Group, here’s my IG handle, @voldacy!


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just added you, thanks!