Photoshop / Final cut courses?

Hello everyone !

Maybe this is completely off topic, but I’m sure I maybe can find the answer here ! Since we are a big community with tons of talents :slight_smile:

I’m seeking for a Course / tutorials or any “mastermind” thing, about Photoshop and Final Cut (or other type of movie editor).
Something that can help me master it, and give me enough experience to start creating content trough it !

It’s something that I always loved to be able to, but I’m more a “techy programmer” guy, than designer creator of content guy. But I’m really motivated to start expending my skills !

If anyone has a good suggestion, or from where to start, would be glad to here from you !

Thanks in advance for reading me,

Check, it’s well worth it.


Sometimes you can find a free search for google, enter udemy for free, often people give discount codes.
And there are very cheap courses for beginners and mega useful for such a small price :slight_smile:

Also enter your query on google and add “blackhatworld” etc.
Often people also give free downloads for free,


honestly I learned how to do photoshop in highschool / college just by watching youtube videos. There are endless walk throughs on there.

Wow, this is really interesting !

Seems that there’s ton of stuff I really want to upgrade my skill, or learn from scratch !

Will instantly try out the month free, and check out this website !

Thanks for your recommendation,

Do you use it regularly ?

Another tip with Lynda for those in the US, if you have a public library card, many of them provide 100% free access to the entire site, all you need is your card ID to log in with.

Also if you’re a LinkedIn Premium/Business subscriber you get it free with that (I think), because LinkedIn bought Lynda in 2015.

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I agree with @IGsocialize everything you need is on Internet, personaly I use Photoshop since 2012 and everything I learned was on Youtube

Thank you everyone, but Lynda was perfectly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
Courses, with management, steps, exercise, and so on !

Thanks @imainaryuser !

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Looks promising. Thanks for the hint

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@imaginaryuser I had never heard of this. And I see that the company is now being run by LinkedIn. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m actually pretty excited about this.

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Hey, have a pretty good courses I can send it over to you, it’s about 8 hours length but pretty powerful for a good start!

You can find on youtube the most up-to-date tutorials. I suggest to dive straight into creating content, then learn from courses later. Use Google if you are stuck. The latest Photoshop’s simplified tutorial does give you a good idea about the UI and the tools.

Used to be tons of guides 10-15 years ago. I’m 100% self taught. I don’t see many people making any progress with the lack of quality free guides currently available. Final cut you might have some luck with on YouTube, Photoshop I wouldn’t even bother.

I used YouTube videos to learn graphic design and video editing back when I did this kind of work when I was 14-17. Something I would recommend is looking at portfolio websites and also Twitter and taking inspiration from other people’s work. Monogram logos were really popular back in 2016 I remember, and I learned how to design this style of logos simply by looking at monogram logos that other people had designed and taking inspiration from them.

Video editing and graphic design are creative after all, so you do need some element of creativity to get good at these skills.