Picture won't show under any hashtags

It happened today and the picture showed up for one second and then gone. I can’t see it when I’m logged on searching or logged off using an account that does not follow me. (I don’t think I’m shadow banned or has limited exposure. I think I’m completed banned for some reason, it works fine yesterday.)

I did use more than 30 hashtags for the last few days, however I haven’t received any warning from Instagram that I’m banned).

I used my own specific hashtag just in case I used some broken hashtags, it still does not show “says there is no post yet”

I’ve since deleted the picture.

Please help.

Please PM me your account details and hashtag that you use, there is not much help anyone can do without that info as each case is unique and specific to each account.

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im getting so mad about this… pics usually get atleast 200 likes but now its down to like 5… how am i supposed to fix this. Please help im a beginner

There is no way anyone can help either of you if we do not have your information to check it out. There are so many causes, INCLUDING using a branded hashtag that it would not make sense to just say, “here, do this”. Feel free to PM me your details, or this thread will just be a rant thread. It’s your call.

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Hi thank you, I didn’t use mass planner I posted the picture and manually added hashtags.

Just messaged you my Instagram name and hashtag used

Much appreciated

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Please create your own topic and post it in correct sub forum. Unless it’s exactly related.

As for OP, i moved it to the correct subforum. Please read the guidelines there will not be further warnings.

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Confirmed that @melodywluv is not ghosted in any way.