Pinned Facebook Post? how to choose the best way?

Good day everyone,

I was able to get a spot for 1 Month at a local buy and sell fb page. (The biggest one in my local town)

Which way should I advertise?

  1. Facebook page share by the Admin of the Group?
  2. Make a Post and have it pinned?

Which would be the best way to maximize the pinned post advertisement?

People rarely go to group to check out what’s new there. They see posts from the groups in their newsfeed. For this reason, I wouldn’t choose pinning.

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I agree. You should even request them to turn on notifications for your group. This way the most active users will give you far more better conversions and they will engage more. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! for all the input as i am new to FB marketing!

request them to turn on notifications for your group - What do u mean by that?

So best is own post and i just add some likes and comments to them