Place to buy real sim cards cheap?

Hey! I’m looking for a place that sells cheap sim cards in bulk for the phillipines. Does anyone know a site?

I know a few but they all seem to be 5G and I’m not sure of they work on 4G phones.

I’m not sure about a website but I guess that you can rent someone from the Philippines to do it for you on Fiverr.

@mykel7mj do you have any ideas about this? any places for SIM card with those specifications?

They will work just fine. The 5G just denotes the max speed the ISP is allowing (based on the package you book)
If you don’t need numbers from the Philipines, any sim card will be useable there for receiving SMS.


Agree with Schoko, 5G will work.
How come Philippines? Do you just need it to receive SMS or also send?

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Sweet thanks. Yeah I contacted a 5G sim supplier and he just told me the same thing. We don’t have a lot of 5G phone In New Zealand so I don’t know much about it

So the loaded data etc will still work on 4G?

I manually bought my sims, so no idea about this.