Plan for making a SMMA

This is my first topic on mpsocial so hopefully it is not too spammy/bad.

Examples of smma companies, some good, some bad:


All of these businesses seem to do basic Instagram automation and sell their service for between 50 to 500 dollars. After looking at all of these I’ve decided that kicksta seems the most reputable, they have a clean website and have made high-quality videos of testimonials and have an easy to understand video about how their service works. However, they claim to like around 1000 posts a day which I don’t see how that’s possible considering Instagrams recent crackdown on bots.

Anyways hers my plan for making my SMMA, any suggestions?

1. make 500 slave accounts, Proxies will probably cost around 1000 a month.

2. Use the slaves to grow a mother account. This account will represent the company. All of the social media marketing agencies that I’ve seen only have at most 20k followers, I think I should get a least 100k, to prove that the methods that my smma will use work. If each slave dose 45 DMS a day and 150-180 follows a day, plus some likes, I think each account could send at least 10 people to follow the mother account (is this realistic?). 100,000 / 500 * 10 = 20 days of growing the main company account before it gets to 100k.

3. After I grow the main company account ill start advertising the smma via Instagram dm’s to companies. 500 * 45 = 22,500 dms a day to Instagram business accounts. The dms will say something about how their accounts have a lot more potential and then ultimately direct them to the main account. I’ll set up the slave accounts to look like personal accounts. Maybe the dms will say something like “love your content, you guys deserve more followers. I heard from a friend who has over 100k followers on Instagram that he used [my smma] to grow that big. Want me to tell you what the companies called?” If they reply then ill follow up with a second dm saying “check out @mainaccount”. Directing them to the main account instead of just sending the link straight to the website will probably show the customer that the company has a lot of followers (social proof), and will probably help not to get the link banned.

4. make three packages on my website, probably one that cost around 60/month, 100/month, 250/month each with better/more automations. likes, follows, unfollows, block fake users, targeting by location and gender, dm new followers.

5. make high-quality videos about how everything works and testimonials
6. Make a good refferal program
7. Once I start making money, I will then pay for other types of ads like youtube influencer promotions.

Dm 22,000 accounts a day:
50% open the dm - 11,000
10% respond - 1,100
about 50% go to the main Instagram account from the second dm - 500
.1% sign up - one sale every 4 days

in one year ill have maybe 80 clients

Any thoughts on this plan? and sorry for any spelling errors.


Which one of those SMMA companies are good and which ones are bad?

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Are you currently automating? We’re in a bit of a crisis right now.


elsahelps - 5/10 - ok website but no videos which I think help sell the products. also on their instagram account their testimonials look kind of fake 1/10 - less then 1k followers on instagram, for a company that is supposed to help grow accounts, that looks bad. Very unrealistic numbers. they claim to have 50,000 + clients, which is obviously is not true.

kicksta 10/10 - great website, good content on website

spinlead - 8/10

ampfluence 10/10 - great website

simplygram - this one Pretends to use the m/s method but just pumps your account with fake followers

igclerk 1/10 - very cheap, but dose not explain how it works and link to instagram account docent work :confused: and under the about us, there’s like 20 people they claim work for them, which I think seems fake…


This is just a plan I made for a social media marketing agency that I might make one day. Right now I am automating around 30-40 accounts on Jarvee

ah gotcha. I’ve always wondered about simplygram.

He’s casually going to create 500 accounts and warm them up to said limits easy peasy AND be able to maintain them consistently. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, signed up for a 3 day trial on Simplygram. Sure enough they sent about 20+ fake followers to my account within the first two hours. They spun some BS about how they send out all their DM’s every 8 hours so you’ll get a bulk of followers every three hours.

Update: emailed them to cancel my trial. Fake followers still coming in. 50 and counting. Some of the followers don’t even have profile photos, bios or posts. Most are Latinx (no offense to Latinx peoples).


Simplygram’s “m/s method” debunked (for their trial)! Wonder what the full service is like. But I wouldn’t risk any account on a service that offers fake followers as a trial.

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Looks like a good plan to me!

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The plan seems good bro! The problem is IG is fkin around a lot these days so the one’s who already provide these services are in a different state altogether! Some are even talking about taking a break so I think it’s better if you test with your accounts until something stability comes to the IG situations.
Then you should focus on getting your first client and then move ahead and see what works for you!

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Wonder if they / a lot of social media marketing agencies have a few thousand accounts on hand incase things stop working, like now, so that they can supplement the lack of automation with fake followers to keep the clients happy. Maybe Simplygram’s entire model is to use fake followers, do you think clients actually believe the accounts are real?

All I can say is wait, we have thousands of accounts, and it is a nightmare right now. We have hired extra people with plenty of blackhat experience and still we are up to our necks in issues across all bots and proxies and growth and likes. Injecting fakes into client accounts is a very very short term solution, clients detect it quickly and we would simply not do it.

I was skeptical from the onboard email when they tried to spin it as “we send out DM’s every 8 hours, so you will get an influx of new followers every 8 hours…” having bought drip followers for an account before I know that you get a bunch following you within seconds of each other - not naturally following you like doing F/UF or Liking. So I’m sure they get people complaining about that and just spin it for people who don’t know. The followers were pretty bad quality (no bios, no profile photo, no posts, following 5,000 people, etc). At least if they had good followers they could trick more people.

Sorry for necroposting.
Simplygram is 100% using fake followers and pretending to utilize “AI” (???) technology to push their services as mother & child method which is not true.
A few friends of mine did the trial and they all saw the same wave of followers, and suspicious accounts with sometimes no bio at all, stay away from it.

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