Please guys we need your help : Instagram account stuck and weirdly shadowbanned

Hello every one! First of all thanks so so much to many of you for their precious insights. As we have been readers for nearly 2 years.

We are 2 people owning the insta @deux_pas_vers_lautre we have 25k followers. And stupidly for a year and half we used automation. First on instazood then on jarvee. We stopped automation I think 3 months ago but 1 month ago something weird came out.
Our hashtags are not shown anymore I believe and on the post statistics we get : less than 1%% of the accounts were not following you

Since then. Reach free fall, no more followers… The account is just dying.
Please please please help us. We are 2 hikers flooded with work with our project trying to make live an Instagram on the way which is so though. But right now we use our passion and energy for nothing.
Do you think it can survive and pick up? Do you think we should quit and forget about insta? Preparing a back up account seems to be impossible to us…
Please help we really need you. This is a non profit organisation and we need to make it alive. Cheers to all and thanks for the reading and the help


Nil & Marie

I had similiar situation, I started my business account in 2014 as I thought it’s the right way to do it. It was really fine at the beginning, but every few months I saw drop in organic reach (I didn’t spam or f/unf, only quality content) Never bought any followers but still people stopped seeing my content and complained about that.
I tried ads, but I didn’t want to give 80% of my net income away, so I just started more running more accounts. To this day I have lots of accounts promoting my business and I believe it’s one way to do it, best of luck!

Thanks a lot Pierre that’s interesting! French too? We ré about to do the same but still have a will to fix this problem as we really don’t understand why know and believe it is quite special after all the dozens of hours reading about it.

How often do you post per week?

We post usually between one and three times a day

What are you posting? Orginal content, reposts?

100 percent original made with heart. We are basically hikers on a quest from Portugal to turkey so content flows