Please help!About jarvee and doing actions on it

If I have one account on jarvee and if it’s actually sort of my main account and I want to sell something whether if it’s through affiliate link or my own product and want to do all the sales process like dming people about it and posting content about it providing link in bio
Can I do it through jarvee all the things only without worrying to logging it through my phone at all ?
Or is jarvee only for m/s and for increasing clients followers ?
If yes, would the IP address of it be the same proxy I am using for automation?
Please any sort of help will be highly valuable for me

Yes, Jarvee has many built in functions and you can automate your whole account tasks rather than just simply doing follow/unfollow with it.

If you will use only 1 account, there is no need for a proxy at all and using your home connection will be ok.

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Yes, you can do that through Jarvee. Jarvee is not only for increasing clients’ followers.

Do you mean you’re using other automation tool?

Your account will run on your computer IP unless you use a proxy on the account in Proxy Manager tab.

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I mean if I previously registered the account with 4g proxies I bought and was doing Actions on jarvee And when I will be doing that sort of thing like putting link in bio and all. should I be doing it in embedded browser or in jarvee we can do?If I’m embedded browser will that same 4g proxy be seen or diff ip?

So I can use all the stories tools too for posting on stories and all different things??
While doing this is it to be done within jarvee or by opening on embedded browser? And if on browser will the same 4g proxy be seen right? I mean the one I registered it on jarvee
Please help

IG will see you’re using the same 4G mobile proxy IP when you are doing actions manually on the embedded browser. You can edit your profile both via API and embedded browser. But you can’t post story through the Embedded browser. It has to be done via API.

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yes, you can do that through Jarvee, they have 100’s of options to use not just m/s and when you do actions from the EB Jarvee will use the IP address that the account is already using whether it’s a proxy IP or home IP.

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The same proxy I filled in jarvee right?
Thank you very much mate

Thankyou mate I appreciate it alot

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Yes, that’s right.

You’re welcome!