Please help, I am trying to find good settings for Like Source Hashtags for 2019

Can any of you share the settings for like > source > hashtags?
I have a list of all the hashtags I am using from Flickr hashtag research tool. I used hashtags in the past and they worked fairly well for me. Please let me know your settings for some of the features in Jarvee that gave you find most valuable.

Hey friend, I think source settings are quite unique for whatever you are looking for, what exactly is the problem you’re encountering?

I want to use hashtags to build my likes, followers and overall engagement. Do I need to use the Like post by hashtag search? I am still experimenting with Jarvee.

Oh I get it, you don’t have a problem, you need help using the search bar. Here’s a diagram of it:

After clicking there you can type your questions and it’s quite probable they are answered somewhere in the forum. If it doesn’t show up when searching there’s also a how to section on every tool page in Jrv.

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Lol thank you I get the message

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