Please help me with this strange situation!

Situation is this:

I was using Instagram promotion for promoting posts for months and it all went pretty well, i had conversion of around 1,25-1,5$ and it was great i put 150$ for example and i get around 100-110 conversations started out of that promotion.

And what happened is that since mid august this year that rate jumped pretty high and all of the sudden!!!

Now that rate is around 2.30$ Up to almost 3$ per conversation started! Which is dobule the price in average!!

And I repeat it happened all of the sudden!!! To all my promotions and all my profiles even tho i used different phones, different facebook profiles and different paypal and cards for payment, it just happened all of the sudden to all of it since mid august!!!

I tried so many different approaches but it just stays the same around 2,3-3$ and kinda looking like it is getting higher and higher per conversion.

Has anyone had this experiences?
Has anyone at least notice this?
And, has anyone found any kind of solution for this?

I would appreciate it so much ti hear your personal experiences in this matter and situation!!!

Advertising usually depends on your competition and how many people they show your post too before they click.

So, either there are more people in your niche competing against you or your posts aren’t as good as they once where.

The other explanation could be that instagram increased their Advertising prices but then we would see heaps of people complaining.

I use same post all the time.

I noticed a bit more people in niche but a bit more, not for doubling the price…

So no one had this kind of experience?

So really no body else … ? -.-

I don’t know what country you’re in, but I’ve been reading many reports about higher CPM on Facebook and social media for months, on reddit. The common response there is that the USA election caused an influx of advertising budget. Soon after the election, the holiday season kicked in as well.

@ heroeslair alluded to this indirectly above, when he said:-

Advertising usually depends on your competition and how many people they show your post too before they click.

If a lot of advertising budget enters the market, the cost of advertising will rise, and the competition for impressions of your target market will increase.

If things return to “normal” in January, you’ll know what happened.

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So last hope is January or maybe even February since in January people are kinda out of money and they dont click so much like other months… I really really hope its that “election + holiday season”

Thank you!