Please help more errors

i know this “isn’t the place” but JV support is not helpful.

  1. i have 4-5 scrapers per main
  2. i have many proxies, with my mains on 4g rotating, all verified good
  3. settings on scrapers tight, settings on main are no more than 100 per day (combined f/u)
  4. some mains getting error 68 and 581, other mains on same proxies working fine
  5. most often issues seem to arise from unfollow
    if the same setup and proxies work for some, why the errors on the others and what do they mean?
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I don’t really pay attention to error codes. So, tell me exactly what the issues are causing?. Blocks, verifications? Etc

For error 68, check the error image in Summary tab by hovering over the word YES next it. Make sure those main accounts’ language settings are set to English, otherwise JV won’t be able to find the unfollow button and return an error.

For error 581, can you open EB while it’s trying to unfollow? Maybe your proxy was too slow. I’d suggest you try changing the proxy of one of the accounts that got error 581, and see if the error disappears.

can you share a screenshot of your proxies response time also it might be that your proxies goes down from time to time causing error code 581

What’s the proxy rotation time? And how long is it down for when it rotates? Mine rotate every 5min and I see all sorts of errors when it is down if the JV tries to perform actions, but then it resumes normally once the proxy is up, so could be that.

581 error usually means that your proxy was slow at the point when the action was executed. Proxy’s response rate can be different from time to time and perhaps they were working better when you’ve tested them on different accounts.

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