Please help! My instagram account has been disabled and a message pop up asking me to wait

Ok so 2 weeks ago , while I was using instagram , a message popped out saying that my account has been disabled for no reason, 3 days later I got it back.
2 weeks later , today, the same thing happened again but a message popped out saying that they have to confirm my account first before letting me appeal in the help centre…

I’m at a loss now and not sure what should I do…Will my account be gone forever just like that ? Someone pls tell me…:sob::sob::sob:

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Wait 24 hours, the account will most likely get banned, and then submit the form again - the account should be enabled in 48 hours max after that.

I’m not sure why this happens, but it is pretty common, for me at least. Accounts get second disable after 1-3 weeks. But after the second time, they are as good as new :slight_smile:

You will have to wait until IG finishes the review process, sometimes it takes longer than 24 hours. Try to log in to the account tomorrow, if it’s still under review, try to log in again the day after that to check. Do you use an automation tool? or do you do everything manually?

No actually I was disabled for no reasons…

Are you sure that it’s disabled or it’s still on reviewing?

It says that its reviewing my account for 24 hours and then disable it. This is weird because whenever I appealed they will send me a message for my photo with a handwritten code but this time round they don’t event send me a single email. What is going on? :sob::sob:

You need to wait until it’s actually disabled and only then you will be able to submit the form to recover it.

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you need to keep appealing every single day until you get an email from IG then submit everything they request and if they don’t reply after that you keep repeating the process until you get the account back, this of crouse if the account was disabled for no reason.

A lot of users got their accounts back after appealing multiple times. Some got them back after a few tries while others took longer. Just be patient and keep on sending appeals.

You can try submitting your appeal here: I hope it helps. You really have to keep bugging them until they will help you.

I do receive some responses… one of the responses says Hi,

It looks like your account has been disabled. We disable Instagram accounts that don’t follow our Terms of Use. Actions that are against our terms include: …

Which I never violated any rules.
They even provided me with a link asking me to appeal when I already have… Do I still stand a change to get back my account? Need your responses asap, thanks !

They also sent me earlier emails like Hi,

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, but unfortunately we can’t support this type of request through this channel. We won’t be able to take any further action on this report. Visit the Help Center to find the best way to report this kind of issue

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Ahh you have to pay for it ? Sorry my parents disapprove me making payments on my own :slight_smile: