Please help proxy geolocation problem

I’ trying to solve this for months but both J and High Proxies are sending me back and forth.
So I have J installed on Amazon EC2 which in USA.

My clients are located in Italy so my proxies are geolocated in their city area. Proxy checked with Maxmind and it’s correct.

I run on J my own account and I receive always a warning message from Instagram that I’m connecting from UK, Enfield. The same message is arriving to few of my clients which are not even close to UK.

J says it’s not their problem. HP says from their side is all fine.
So where the f*** this Enfield is coming from? Why IG is detecting a connection form there?

I even deleted my EC2 instance and create a new one. As soon as i connected my account to J with the proxy, boom, warning from Enfield.

Any idea? this is driving me crazy.

There’s a chance that your proxy providers have masked the location of the proxies you are buying to make it look like it’s in Italy, when in fact the proxies are located in the UK, and Instagram knows it.

the problem here is that IG buys that data from third party companies that dont update their database quite often, that’s why IG detects login from the wrong location.

It’s a big mess… I got proxies from Germany detected as China, ofc that’s IG fault as the real location is Germany… there’s not much you can do apart of telling to your ISP to inform to other companies about the real location…


Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass — same thing with IPs from Hetzner, for example.
They acquired/got assigned a large chunk of (former) Russian-based IPs. Means, Google is Russian by default for most of the Jarvee servers we set up for our customers :roll_eyes:

You can change that. Make a Google search then on the top there’s a menu press settings. You will be able to set up a location and default language.

I know that, but installing dozens of servers that adds more friction, besides the point is that other sites rely on that and not every site has that ability sadly :tired_face:

wonder how high proxies still works for your clients.?

Why would you even risk it with client accounts? Come on now. After it’s been talked about so much what do’s and dont are with client management … get some clean non popular 4g’s

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There are a lot of people who use DC proxies for client management. They bring the same result with Jarvee while costing only a fraction. If you don’t need likes, why bother with Mobile?

I use IPv4, but they do not cost a fraction, you use 1:1 and they cost 4$ (those are quality ones 100% dedicated, not the 2$ ones that god knows who else used or is using them) so it’s basically same price as 4g proxy. I like to use same geo as client to avoid login issues, and they work perfectly same as 4g, yeah!

I’m also having this problem with proxies. The problem is that proxy providers buy from others. Some are based in Canada, UK or Germany.
The wholesalers keep changing their IP DNs and that is what the platforms catch.
If you check with several IP location servers there are a few that guide out more info on location and owner of the ip/proxy.
Only solution is to request a new proxy.

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