(Please read ! )My instagram account has been disabled and a message pop up asking me to wait

So,it was around 4pm yesterday when I was using instagram and a message pop up saying that I’ve been locked out of my ig account , and asked me to confirm my account , so I did what is asked and then this message came up saying " thanks for providing your info , if we can confirm its your own account , you may proceed to help centre to appeal your account " i was freaked out when I saw this message and its been almost 24 hours now , I’ve filled up the deactivation forms but it doesn’t work ! Please help me with this :pray:!! My account means a lot to me .

Unfortunately, 90% IG may disable your account, but I suggest keep sending the form and see if they will get back your account.

Are you using Jarvee/MP to manage your account? If yes, please make sure to use the scraper method below, and avoid login to your account via the IG app while your account is working in Jarvee/MP.

Even if it says ‘24hrs’ - it can take longer until the account is disabled. The message won’t change once it has been disabled but you can then fill out the form @ Instagram Help Center

You will first need to wait until your account gets disabled and then you can start submitting forms to get your account back.

Hey guys I gotten my account back through many appeals , its the 3rd day and I guess I was lucky

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This link didn’t work anymore.

Which appeal form you fill? Mine had been one month already and still can’t get my account back…:sob::sob:

That is the correct form and it’s working fine. It might not be available in your region right now or to for your device/IP/Email.

yes man very lucky, but keep in mind the steps and the strategy that you did to get the account back just in case something like that happens again.

Keep appealing even if you don’t get a reply from them, just keep sending the form, and if you are lucky you will get the account back.

Good Luck

Congratulations :clap: others get their account back for weeks of submitting appeals. Now to avoid this kind of situation, you need to be careful of your actions and setting for your account. Keep it as natural as possible.