Please suggest me best 4G poxies for instagram

Hi, i am newbie just started to playing with it

Can you suggest best cheap 4G proxies for instagram?

Thank you :+1:t3:

To find a good proxy, make sure that :

  • You don’t have a high latency on them (prefer less than 500 ms if possible)

  • You can run a few accounts without much hustle on each one of them (= probably not shared)

  • Then, compare the prices with proxies that match above criterias :point_up_2:

Hi @SUZAN , you can try gramproxy,
we have 4G Proxy plan specially for Instagram.
I can send you one for testing.

Check #public-marketplace for some providers. I would say, first test from a couple of providers until you choose what works for you the best.

if you are just randomly testing 4g would be very expensive try good DC proxies and you can test as you like

Yes, DC proxies are a good solution as well.